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Plate Rolling Machines

  1. Three Roll Variable Axis Plate Bending Machine

    Three Roll Variable Axis Plate Bending Machine works on the principle of changing axis required according to the rolling needs. It is comprised of top roll which moves up & down and two side rolls that move in & out horizontally. This machine offers the advantage of forming small diameter by reducing bottom roll center. It is highly appreciated for low working height as compared to planetary axis machine.
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  2. Wind Mill Tower Production Line

    Wind Mill Tower Production Line is required for fabricating structures for renewable source of energy generation. It fabricates tower from sturdy alloy metal with high accuracy and precision. This production line is completely suitable for constructing offshore & onshore towers having supreme strength, excellent surface finish, and rust proof nature. It is highly appreciated for its fast processing in total accordance with the dimensional requirements of customers.
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  3. 3 Rolls Bending Machine

    3 Rolls Bending Machine is comprised of a pressing top and two side rolls. It gives advantage of moving & tilting all the three rolls simultaneously for high precision bending. This machine is capable of fabricating thick & thin metallic sheets in variable roll geometry designs. Top roll of this device moves on the vertical plane whereas side ones on the horizontal. It is advantageous to use this machine as it has the capability to roll various thickness & diameters of cylinders.
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  4. CNC Plate Rolling Machine

    CNC Plate Rolling Machine is required for shaping metal sheets into round & conical shapes with different thicknesses and sizes. It is comprised of a top roll, a pinching roll for holding the workpiece, and two side rolls for making bends. This machine is operated by a precisely programmed computer numerically controlled operating panel to assure its user friendly nature. Also known as roll bending machine, it is utilized in utensils manufacturing, automobile, and metal fabricating industries.
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  5. 2 Rolls Urethane Fast Plate Rolls

    2 Rolls Urethane Fast Plate Rolls consists of a feed table, tubular chucks for bending, a chuck support for removing the completed shell plate, roller bearings, tube ejector, and a control panel. These machines are ideal for making thin metallic sheets of very small diameters. They are type of HCU machines, which are known for their user friendly operation, high strength, and durability. The urethane helps in lowering the roll works like a matrix and their top roll act as a die for imprinting shell radius.
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  6. 3 Rolls Double Pinch Plate Bending Rolls

    3 Rolls Double Pinch Plate Bending Rolls are considered as universal machines required for metal plate bending jobs. They are known to have pre-bending capabilities with easy pre-bend for leading & trailing edges without re-inserting the plate. These machines operate completely on hydraulic drive & control system where adjustments are controlled electronically by programmed logical controller. All their 3 rolls are equipped with self aligning and lubricating bearings.
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  7. Variable Geometry Plate Rolls

    Variable Geometry Plate Rolls are comprised of three rollers that are driven by epicycloidal gearboxes with permanent lubrication. Their rollers are mounted on high load bearings and their conicity prevents bending during machine operations. These machines are completely suitable for working with thick metal plates to provide them round or conical shapes. Side rollers have hydraulically powered locking unit. They have adjusting assemblies for increasing the distance between bending rolls in order to achieve high bending power.
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  8. 4 Rolls Synchronized Plate Bending Rolls (4HEL)

    4 Rolls Synchronized Plate Bending Rolls (4HEL) is one of the precise machines under this series with total pre-bending. They consist of rear side roll opposite to the feeding side which allows the plate to be bent in an accurate manner. These machines are installed with 4 rollers including top, pinching, and two side ones. They are highly appreciated for their conical bends having smooth edges and high accuracy.
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